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This introverted artist's work will give you goosebumps

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

By Marcus Rogers

His work has been known to stop people in their tracks.

Marcus Rogers pays homage to legendary Black figures in his work, and those who purchase his art feel deeply connected to the pieces they buy.

“I have always known since I was a small child that I wanted to be an artist, that was just something that felt immediately familiar to me, it felt like home to me and for as long as I can remember in my early childhood and adolescence, whatever challenges I was going through art was always kind of my refuge.”

Marcus creates paintings, mixed media collages, and prints. He incorporates several items in his work like acrylic, ink, wood, fabric, and spray paint.

Now in adulthood, he uses his artwork not only as a diary but as a way to speak to more people who can relate to him. He created a business called 9 Lamps with his partner, Deepa, that helped him spread the word.

“It was a way of expressing our own unique cultures coming from culturally black households and being black mixed race.”

MLK collage by Marcus Rogers

Marcus continues to use his skills as an artist to shine a positive light on Black historical and musical figures like Tupac Shakur, Jay-Z, Toni Morrison, Nina Simone, and Martin Luther King Jr. People such as these spark great conversations with members of the Tampa community.

“I think my art came from a place of longing to connect with other like-minded people and wanting to connect with people who shared my deep reverence and relationship with black and brown culture.”

While living in Tampa, Marcus has been able to express his artwork freely and build many meaningful connections as people express their love and support.

He described his artwork in two categories: mixed collages and paintings.

2pac II print by Marcus Rogers

“The collages for me are just a way of celebrating black culture and a way of honoring people from other cultural backgrounds as well, of course, but it's honoring the courageous people who actually have shaped our culture and laid a foundation for us to continue kind of moving forward as a people and collectively.”

Marcus was aware of the limited number of artists of color in the area and he wanted to ensure that his artwork was able to bring everyone together.

He experienced the feeling of isolation and loneliness and with that, he expressed it through his paintings as well.

“I'm somebody who is pretty shy and pretty introverted, and it's taken me some time to feel kind of like brave enough to share my artwork and so a lot of the paintings that I make are these kinds of extensions of sketches I've made in my private journals or sketchbooks that are again just invitation to connect with people.”

Marcus’s artwork does more than uplift Black culture; it explores the themes of motherhood, death, reconciliation, timelessness, and more. It is the multifaceted nature of his paintings that will leave you mesmerized.

And in times when we are advocating for the respect of Black lives, this artwork shines a light on what we already know to be true: the undeniable beauty and magic of Blackness.

For more information on how to purchase Marcus Rogers artwork, visit https://thisgoldenhour.com/home.html

Q: What would you say is Tamp'as best kept secret?

I have met a lot of seedlings that are still underground, people who are deeply honing their vision and who are kind of churning and doing all the work behind the scenes, that haven't quite broken through the soil yet. Tampa is not New York, L.A. or kind of these major hubs and so I think that makes it really special because people are having to learn how to thrive in a different environment and a different scale of the city.

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