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5 local non-profits that champion Black causes

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

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Nonprofit organizations are an essential part of our communities in Tampa. Nonprofits are coming together to provide assistance for people in need, most importantly, our Black community. Here is a list of 5 local nonprofits that continue to support and uplift the black community in several ways.

1. Project LINK

This organization aims to help the black community by assisting children who deal with attendance issues, bullying, and homelessness. Project LINK offers many community events, outreach programs, internships, and workshops that encourage children and parents to work together and contribute to their child’s academic success. They also provide workshops geared towards the parents that help build a healthy and safe relationship with their children and in the community.

Contact Project LINK:

Phone: (813) 276-5671 Email: info@project-link.org

Website: https://www.project-link.org/contact-us

2. Abe Brown Ministries, Inc.

A ministry that does not call itself a church but believes that faith and community outreach is the best way to change the lives of offenders and ex-offenders. The Ministry was founded by Abe Brown who was a football coach and teacher for 38 years, then he became the first black minister to offer his services in Florida’s prisons. Abe Brown Ministries offers their Ready4Work Hillsborough program that helps ex-offenders learn the skills they need to become a part of society again.

Contact Abe Brown Ministries, Inc.:

Phone: (813) 247-3285 Email: info@abebrown.org

Website: http://www.abebrown.org/

3. Corporation to Develop Communities of Tampa, Inc.

The families of East Tampa have been supported by this nonprofit and their services that aim to lower poverty and increase financial and educational opportunities. CDC of Tampa has many programs that focus on education, homeownership, workplace, and academics. The Youth Success Center teaches children how to be leaders and to have a sustainable life that will create a positive change for themselves and their communities.

Contact CDC of Tampa:

Phone: (813) 231-4362 Email: cdcoftampa.webmaster@gmail.com

Website: https://www.cdcoftampa.org/

4. Family Enrichment Center, Inc.

This is the organization for children that do not live in a stable environment and in need of support and guidance. The Family Enrichment Center has support centers and a foster care and adoption program that provides children who do not have families in better homes. Their support centers help minority children through counseling, training, and community services that will help them prepare for a better future.

Contact Family Enrichment Center, Inc.:

Phone: (813) 237-2530 Email: info@fectampa.org

Website: https://www.fectampa.org/

5. Positive Spin, Inc.

In order to build a sustainable community, having great family support services are important. Positive Spin has been recognized by Tampa officials and families for providing many opportunities that include housing assistance, childcare support, job training, and family counseling. Most importantly, this nonprofit helps families with their most essential needs like clothing, food, and transportation. By covering all of these areas ensures that children and adults will be supported and continue to build a better life.

Contact Positive Spin, Inc.:

Phone: (813) 977-7677 Website: http://positivespinfl.org/

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