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In honor of Tampa's birthday, here are four historical figures you should know

We often see the same people praised for their role in Tampa's growth and development. But here are four people who played a major role in the city's history:

Benjamin E. Mays was a major figure who fought for civil rights. He was an academic and wrote books that focused mostly on Christianity and race relations and moved to Tampa when the National Urban League was searching for someone to replace Blanche Armwood (as in, Armwood High School!) as the executive director.

To read more about this incredibly brave and intelligent man, click here.

Clara C. Frye was a bi-racial woman who worked in Tampa as a nurse. She used to live on Lamar Avenue in Tampa Heights and her home became a hospital that catered to people even if they weren’t able to pay to pay for their treatment. Today, there is an entire floor at Tampa General Hospital named in her honor.

Read her full bio here.

Moses White was often referred to as the “Mayor of Central Avenue” because he was so well-known and connected. He even brought many stars to Tampa including James Brown, Etta James, and Duke Ellington who all respected him for his jovial nature and business acumen.

Read his full bio here.

Victoriano Manteiga was a major champion of Tampa’s Latin community. In 1922, he founded La Gaceta which is currently the country's only tri-lingual newspaper.

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To experience the essence of each of these key figures, visit the Monument Trail at Tampa


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