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A stylist's tips for dressing for Tampa's unpredictable weather

As a Puerto Rican stylist with years of experience in the fashion industry, I've been able to help women with their specific styling needs. But after moving to Tampa, I met women with the unique struggle of dressing to such unpredictable weather.

In this notoriously muggy city, the day may start off with blue skies and sunshine, but without notice you'll find yourself overwhelmed by a torrential downpour. However, rain or shine, Tampa's guaranteed to be hot all summer long.

So, the million-dollar question is this: what clothes can you wear to look good while also staying dry?

One thing needs to be clear: you do not have to sacrifice a stylish outfit on a rainy day. Having some staple pieces in your closet will help you create hot-rainy-day friendly looks.

The key is this:

Dress with light layers while ensuring you’ll stay dry.

Here are some examples of what it can look like in action:

Sunny day: Summer dress, peep-toe sandals

Rainy day: Summer dress, bomber jacket, sneakers

Who doesn’t love a colorful and breezy dress? Wear a bomber jacket to help you stay dry in the rain and change your sandals to a pair of comfortable (and trusty) sneakers.

Don’t wear white as it can easily get stained.

Sunny day: Cropped top, midi skirt, flatform sandals

Rainy day: Cropped top, midi skirt, ankle boots

Midi skirts are very feminine and great for any weather. Just be sure to swap your sandals for ankle boots when it rains.

Sunny day: Strapless bodysuit, cropped pants and loafer mules.

Rainy day: Strapless bodysuit, cropped pants and platform sneakers.

Cropped pants are great for summer and perfect when it rains as they will not drag through all the puddles. Try to avoid jeans as they don’t dry quickly.

This is an effortless outfit: basic tee and shorts. There’s no need to change your shoes, as the croslite material is waterproof. Just grab your umbrella and enjoy your day. And hey, don't forget to wear a waterproof mascara!

Check out the video to see examples of how to transition typical "sunny Tampa" outfits during unpredictable weather:

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